Google Cloud Platform – usability study

Google Cloud Monitoring (previously known as Stackdriver before acquired in mid 2014) is one of Google Cloud Platform’s tools. It helps developers to do infrastructure monitoring, system/OS monitoring, service/uptime monitoring, charting and alerting for their cloud-based applications. As part of a course project in Spring quarter 2015, me and my teammates conducted usability study on the Cloud Monitoring to ensure the integration of Stackdriver into Google has been successful in terms of it’s design and ease of use. Due to non-disclosure agreement, details of the project cannot be discussed.


Understanding the product.
Creating personas.
Scoping down study to fit timeline and other constraints.
Conducted heuristic evaluation to shortlist which feature to be tested.
Planning for the usability study – screener, recruiting, task list, booking of facilities.
Conducted usability study in a lab using Morae.
Observed participants and did note-taking.
Analyzed data.
Presented findings and suggested design solutions to stakeholders.


Affinity diagraming to scope down


Usability study using Morae


With our project sponsor, Teagan


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