Summer internship 2015

In Summer 2015, Wenvi did an internship as UI UX Design Graduate Intern at eBay Inc in San Jose, CA under the Advertising and Monetization team within the eBay Marketplace Customer Experience department. Due to non-disclosure agreement, in-depth details and outcome of the project cannot be discussed.



Online shoppers have adopted mental blindness towards web creatives that look like advertisements, especially banners.


Explore different advertising approaches that will improve the customer’s experience on eBay.com.
The solution should still promote the paying Brand’s presence and products/services, and it should also be adoptable by various categories within eBay.com


Understand the basics of advertising.
Analyze eBay.com based on various shoppers scenarios.
Identify existing advertising approaches and analyze their effectiveness.
Conducted competitive analysis on various eCommerce sites that have large categorizations.
Gather inspirations on how Brands advertise their own products.
Identify other ‘advertising’ opportunities that are relevant for each stage of the shopping journey on eBay.com.


The content of advertising displayed to customer should be relevant to their intent and decision stage. If possible, extract data gathered from their user history and profile to personalize the advertising experience.


Awareness, Consideration, Purchase — 3 different types of advertising that can be applied to shopping flow to funnel down shopper’s decision.

Advertising Funnel


Some possible ways of advertising within eBay.com which can contribute to boost SEO.

Improve SEO


Possible way to monetize shopper’s data as a source of market analysis for Brands.

Additional Monetization


Overall view of suggested solutions that should be introduced into each stage of the shopping flow. (Click on image to enlarge)


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